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Thanks for the link. Reading such stuff is educational. But, for anyone interested but in a hurry, here is what worked for me:

Download from the first post of this thread.

unzip it and put it in the folder with all the files you want to check.

If it doesn't scare you, I recommend using a text editor to make a slight modification to Scroll to the bottom of the file. There is a print command there. Don't modify that command but insert a line immediately above it. Type "print sys.argv[1:]" (without the quotes). That will include the name of the book in the printout. Save the modified file.

Then create a file named drm.bat in that same folder. The bat file should read:

echo off
echo Checking files for DRM > Filelist.txt
for %%a in (*.*) do drmcheck "%%a" >> Filelist.txt
echo on

Save that. This bat file will step thru all the files in the folder and create a file named Filelist.txt which will list the drm status of each file.

If someone knows how to get it to step through subfolders, that would be great.

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