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Renee, the SoC (Tegra-3) will thrill you with its speed and ability to run ANYTHING you ask it to. The display on the N7 is stunning, whether you watch videos, view static pictures, and of course text/font rendering. I get a constant 7-8 hours of use, actually no matter what I combine of the above activities. You do NOT need to disable one feature or radio on the device to see this battery life. Three (3) hours to fully charge it up from low-warning with the included Asus adapter. I have had this for a month, and it is a complete knockout! I actually enjoy to watch (laying in bed before sleep) Netflix and other downloaded movie content, whether HD or not. This was the best usage of under 300.00 that has been spent so far in the portable tablet realm. The feature/power for the dollar ratio is totally loaded in the user's favor.

If you decide upon one, and want to use a headphone (great sound BTW) with the N7, I just want to comment that the first time you put the plug into the socket at the bottom of the N7, it is a good fit, and so make sure that you use enough force to completely see/feel the plug seat itself into the socket. Some new users thought there was something wrong with their unit when they had 'thought' it was fully seated and only got sound from the right channel. I also did that when using the socket for the first time...but knew that I obviously had not fully seated the headphone plug and pushed a little more to overcome the good fit, and felt the plug travel that little more to fully and truly be seated. I then had full left and right channels being sent to the headphone.

I just thought to comment.
My Kobo has been sold and after much research I have decided to go with the Samsung Tab 2 7.0. After 2 weeks of use on the Tab 2 I am so happy that I decided to make the switch. I may even switch from using the Kobo app to the Aldiko app (at least for reading my side loaded books). I find the Aldiko app better for ease of use since it has a library search feature - I now no longer have to scroll through hundreds of books to find the one I am looking for. I've been far less frustrated with this device than I was with the Vox and it is also much more compatible with the rest of my technology which is mostly Samsung.

I do prefer to have my whole ebook library on a microSD card and loaded into my ereader as I can never really plan ahead on what I want to read. Not being very tech savvy or having much patients for constantly having to connect the device to the computer it is easier for me to just have everything I need on there. Also, the tab 2 came with 50 GB of free dropbox space for one year. The only advantage of the N7 appeared to be better game play and since I would only be using the tablet for moderate internet/email use and ereading, the n7 with it's lack of expandable storage and the newer version of Andriod which did not support flash wasn't very appealing once I did my research.
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