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Step by Step Instructions for a Newbie?

Hi Everyone,

I've been looking for a way to host my Calibre database on my Synology 411+ and access it from my devices (PC and Asus Transformer Prime tablet) for a long time and this project appears to solve the problem. However, after reading the instructions on the download website and this thread, I'm having a hard time understanding the installation process for Synology as I'm not familiar with the php code references and I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to this.

What I've done so far is enabled the WebStation, mySQL and installed phpMyAdmin on the Synology. I also downloaded the cops 0.2.0 zip file and extracted the contents but I'm lost from there For example, the instructions mentioned "If a first-time install, copy config_default.php to config_local.php" Where's the config_local.php file?

On behalf of the other non-code-writing-synology-owning Calibre fans can someone please share layman, step by step instructions on how to get this working on a Synology unit? Thanks!
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