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Thanks for your reply Kiwidude.

Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
You have to copy all the other necessary files into that folder as per the screenshot. Note that for a debug build, you need the Qt dlls (from your Qt 4.8.2 bin folder from the VS 2010 Qt install) that end with d4.dll. If you do one of the Sigil release builds, you need the Qt dlls that don't have the d in the suffix name...
I used "-no-webkit" in my configuration, why do I have to copy it again and how do you recommend I build something similar to Sigil-0.5.3-Windows-Setup.exe distribution, such that it can just install without hassle?

What tweaks do you have in mind? I am sure Dave & I would be interested to know, we have made a huge number of changes on the as yet unreleased code that you will see if you have cloned the latest Sigil source. Be good to have someone else testing them out (though bear in mind stuff that is in there currently is not guaranteed to survive the cut for the official beta release)...
I intend creating a widget that will call my CSS template and I intend having it as a tab. I'm still new to Qt and still playing around it. I don't mind testing your clone as long as they are cool and I do understand its a tweek.
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