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Adobe Reader is not really intended to be an ebook reader. Saying that Kindle is better is apples vs. oranges: Adobe Reader's main purpose is free software to open documents created in Adobe Acrobat, which is a tool for locking down various kinds of electronic documents/graphics into a finished product for distribution that can't be edited easily, called a pdf file. Reading documents on a device (even pdf files) is really not the purpose of Adobe Reader. It is only really usable for reading if the screen large enough to view at close to 100%since it doesn't do word wrap.

The thing is, the Kindle and Nook apps both should be much better. The apps have considerably LESS functionality and a lot more limitations than the native software in those companies' dedicated reader devices. Wrapping text, changing views, or turning pages are the basic functions that were needed to even call them ebook reader apps. Citing these functions in a review is like saying you like a new car because it can go in forward and reverse and stops when you step on the brake.

Even some of these basic function are faulty in the Kindle app. For example, even on some new books the Kindle app can't get fonts very large although the font in the same book can be made very large on a Kindle device. That's a limitation of the app (because the book file is exactly the same), and it's even more of a limitation because it's a basic function that you expect from an ereader - you should be able to make fonts larger and smaller.

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