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Well, yes, people are free to believe whatever they want. And I use this freedom )

Calculations you bring here are OK, but levels are VERY high, but still LEGAL)

1 W per square meter is 1 000 000 uW/m2.
My gadget upper limit is 2000 uW/m2.

There is small town in Israel. It is located near to place where I live.
Here is a article about it:
I also had nice PDF work with map of cancer cases and death cases, but I can't find it now for some reason.

What they had there were levels beneath 100 000 uW/m2 in houses.
And still they got sick and dead. Very fast.
Whole town was afraid of going to doctor, because everyone who went to him was diagnosed cancer (many different types). I talked to people from there, and understood that it was nightmare.

So 10mW/m2 = 10 000 uW/m2 sounds much much better.
But still, for me personally such signal means disaster.

I was in many places and measured many levels and all of them made up in such way that signals from big antennas will not above 20 000 uW/m2. Guys who set up these antennas know, that higher signal will rise problems very fast, so they don't go crazy installing antennas with still legal signal like 300 000 or 400 000 uW/m2.

Guys who make cellphones are not stupid and they write in their instructions that user should not hold device close to your body (but what about head? OMG we put cellphones to our head while talking!) :-)
Why they do this? Because they are smart guys who make money and they don't want to lose it in the future when people will try to sue them) And this is not a precautionary principle (nobody will mark his product as hell dangerous just because "maybe" there is a risk). So risk is on the table, we just must read cellphones manuals and understand what is written there.

I know that there are many skeptic people (naturally, without any relation to communications companies, not interested) and I was one of them, by the way.
I respect people who need to have facts.
For all such people I suppose to do one small test , because own experience is better then 100 facts from other people.
1) Find place with level of 15 000 uW/m2. It maybe some roof of building in city. Found higher level? Better for experiment!
2) Try to live there 24/7 for several days (maybe week) and write what you feel.
3) Come home and read and compare to your regular life.

This is very good test, but not many people accomplished it for clear reason: "Am I stupid to live whole week on some roof?"

When I try to make safe room I try to build it in such way that it will meet three criteria:
1) 0.5 mG of 50 hz magnetic field
2) 1 uW/m2 in all room
3) 0 V/m fo Dirty Electricity electric field.
I live in such safe room.

Funny thing, but when I make call from iphone4 from my room, it gives me signal of 30-40 uW/m2!

In such room already sick person can get rid of headaches, insomnia, depression and I have seen enough cases like that.

If I open my window, I have electromagnetic storm outside: many cell phone antennas opened and hidden are located near to my building, radars from military boats hit very high power pulses (my equipment can't measure them good enough). Previous owner of this apartment sold it and went to other (country!) place because of problems with health.

If you look on all this with open mind, even without background, you start to think: "is this normal? is this good for me or my children? how did we get here? where is the way out?".

But most people don't have open minds and just don't think. They just use and abuse.

I am not Scientologist, I am engineer, I love my numbers that I see on my measuring devices and follow them to get results.

OK) I wrote too much for someone who doesn't like to discuss))
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