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Thank you for your reply)
I work for money, measuring levels of radiation in work places and private places )

First of all I want to say that I divide radiation from all applications into three big categories:
1) Low frequency Magnetic field (from 1 to 100 000 hz) power lines, wiring inside houses, motors. Measured in mili Gauss or nano Tesla.
2) Low frequency Electric field (dirty electricity) - wiring inside houses, many many other applications (from 1 to 500 000 hz) Measured in Volts per meter.
3) High frequency radiation that comes from All wireless applications, cellphones, radars, radio, etc.

1,2 kinds vanish fast with distance, but third kind is not vanishing. Its so called filling radiation - it reflects many times from walls, metals, ets. The only thing that can catch it in modern cities is human body. OK, some plants, water too )

Kindle's Wi-Fi emits third kind of radiation. Surprisingly very low level!

I made this video for just evaluation what Kindle 4 gives.
I don't have any other device with smaller antenna to measure exact signal, but there is no need in it. Its roughly measured stuff.

I agree the values that I will measure at 5 meters from Kindle will be lower, but if we will talk about Wi-Fi from laptop, then level that we will measure near to it will be very high and in 5 meters from it it will be high )
Anyways 1000 is very high for me and 100 is high. But for government of Israel the upper limit is 400 000, so I have to think for myself alone.

There are many people (even people I know) that have serious problems with health from radiation. You can think about it as about allergy or something like that. That's why any even weak source of radiation is bad for them.

The real problem of this radiation is how it affects cells in the body. Many systems in cells just stop to work properly and if person is 24/7 in low levels radiation polluted environment, then nothing happens to him, but his body makes a lot of work that not needed. You can think about it as person having huge amount alcohol in blood, but he is not drunk. Weak, sleepy all the time. And body makes a lot of work to get rid of alcohol and other related poisons. This takes huge amount of resources that could be spent on having fun and feeling good.
People used to think about damage of radiation as about heating damage. And this is wrong way to walk on.

Take a look on this video:
Its interesting.
EDIT: Here is one more interesting video:

Tumors is something that happens because of real abuse of cellphones.
But we should look on wider picture that shows that many many people are suffering (a little), and even don't know about it.

So less exposure you have, better you feel. And this is right for ALL people.
You must irradiate yourself very hard to start to feel the difference immediately - such people called EHS - EMF Hyper Sensitives.
Give me any healthy person. Only using all legal technologies like Wi-Fi, DECT, 3G, etc I will make him EHS within one year.
Any person become sick with time. And this is what I know from my experience.

Yes, you are right, talking on cellphone is muchmuchmuch worse then downloading books to Kindle.
But kind of radiation is not cumulative as you used to think about it.
This is not x-rays radiation or gamma, or betta.

I don't know about, but this report they have is very very big source of works to see. And if you spend enough time on it, you will change your mind from "oh, forget about it, its all jokes" to "well, this is one of things we should think about very very good" ) I changed my mind not by reading and understanding, but by losing part of my health in the past. And this is way that 99.99% of people will go to get understanding of this topic.

I am agree that EMF can be used in many fields very effectively, but such use must be done in safe way. And this is not the picture today.

I am convinced already, that many things like sugar in blood, depressions, insomnia, etc are caused by such "not harmful" radiation. And I think its only matter of time when all this stuff will be proven. Remember how it was with cigarettes? Same here now with wireless, but much much wider problem.

I met many people who work constantly in offices where they have repeaters (cell phone signal boosters?) installed above their heads. All of them look similar, you don't have to be a specialist to see that they ALL are red skinned with eyes very red, with black marks under their eyes, with skin problems, with hair problems - and this is what I see only visually, without asking them any questions. They are young - 30-40 years old. They sit there for last 5-10 years and I don't know what will happen to them in observable future.
Sure, I don't talk to all of them about the matter. Only to those who pay me, who want to know stuff, to see what my gear shows )

OK, I hope I made my point here.

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