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Originally Posted by greenyouth View Post
Kinda annoying but I am sure pretty interesting. How can he die everyday? That's the purpose of the writer to make as curious and read the book.
Thanks greenyouth.

Ewan Charles very much can and does die every day!

My objective in this excellent forum was to evoke interest in the Dead Loop, so I'm pleased it's working to some extent.

I hope of course that the story sells itself with the basic premise of him dying every day.

As I mentioned earlier the numerous test readers I used helped me to fine tune the intrigue and hopefully drive the reader to wonder what is happening and why. Hopefully other readers will also care about Ewan Charles, his family and his situation whilst developing genuine emotions for the other characters. They are all real people to me now and I can picture them all...

If the basic premise and genre appeals to a potential reader then I sincerely hope and believe they will never be disappointed with my easy writing style, how the story develops or the emotions and situations invloved.

Honest feedback on the Dead Loop from new readers will be the only true test of that though!
It doesn't really matter what I think of it or how well I sell it, all that matters to me is what the readers think. Only readers can truly judge a book and their word or consensus of opinion is the only true test!

I hope most people love the book and will never regret experiencing the Dead Loop. Time will tell!

best wishes and thanks very much for commenting
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