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Return Current Kindle Touch? New Kindle Touch Sep 6, 2012?

Hi... new to this forum, but have had tablets and gadgets forever. After trying to make my Blackberry Playbook work well for reading (nope) and realizing my iPad is too large for my needs, I recently bought the Kindle Touch. Very nice, but I was trying to be very cognizant of my actual use of such a device (I tend to overestimate just how much I'll use something).

I wanted to also be able to read journal/research papers - often in PDFs - and found that they were too small to read on the Kindle. I also generally like to annotate with pen in hand when I read paper PDFs (review journals papers, marking up articles, etc.). I understand that Sony ereaders are supposedly better at displaying and navigating PDFs, and you can annotate, but nobody I know has one, nor can I find the new one just announced Aug 2012 to compare to. I found a workaround by converting PDFs to Word and then uploading to Kindle for processing - it sort of works.

So, I decided I might as well just stick with the Kindle... until I found out this morning that Amazon has a media event on September 6 where they will likely announce a new Kindle tablet and quite likely a refreshed ereader as well.

I have until tomorrow (Tuesday, August 28) to return my barely used Kindle Touch for a full refund. I've heard almost no rumours or intelligence about the supposed upcoming Kindle releases.

Any advice on if I should keep my current Kindle (or for that matter, gamble on the upcoming Sony)?

Thanks in advance.
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