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SONY PRS 505 Charging Problems


I had a PRS 500 with Charger (which broke, because my wife put a heavy piece of luggage on top of it and it came originally with a charger.

I bought the PRS 500 at Borders in BUF and connected it to my sony vaio Laptop and it charged! Red lamp was on.

After a couple days I tried the same and the ebook did not charge anymore through USB. I bought different USB cables -> no success. So I used the charger instead, which is a pain in the butt taking always this piece with me and I can't charge in the car to (Having an adapter which is giving USB DC out).

OK! PRS 500 broken, Called SONY, they offered me a refurbished one for $ 275 ;-) so I bought of course a new 505 in Silver.
What shall I tell you? The same effect! First charge loaded with USB. The second charge I plugged the USB cabel (which was in the SONY Box) in an AC / USB Adapter and the red light did not come up, even no yellow light. Tried yesterday different USB cabel and plugged them also in my LapTop -> Nothing, NADA!

Hardreset did not work. So like mentioned in this forum, I charged the reader with my old PRS 500 charger and made a hardreset and it works now.

So what is that for a crappy procedure? Is the ebook charging through USB or not? Do I have always to carry my charger from the PRS 500 with me?

Thanks guy's for any help. I do not want carry always my old charger and want to charge my ebook also ib the car.


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