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Originally Posted by altruizine View Post
No, I don't know where it can be downloaded directly.

If you have a backup or restore image in a file (mmcblk2p10.img), you can mount it as a filesystem in Linux:
mkdir ~/mnt
sudo mount -o loop mmcblk2p10.img ~/mnt
The missing file should be in ~/mnt/framework/framework-res.apk.

Don't forget to unmount the image when finished:
sudo umount ~/mnt

I don't have any access to a Linux-System, so I tried several ISO-Tools like ISObuster, PowerISO, WinMount and other to mount & extract the framework-res.apk but none of them accepted these image-files as a valid image-file.

So, the problen is still unsolved ;=)

Has nobody outthere that file or can extract that for us ?

Thanks again & regards
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