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Originally Posted by twowheels View Post
It's a topic that seems to have a lot of potential for exploration, with a lot of variation in reactions and exploration of the moral implications of those reactions. For those reasons, I might consider reading it if I find myself wanting a change of pace from my usual reading.
Thanks for the feedback twowheels.
I've never felt the need to polish fourm posts to the same extent as my books, but perhaps I should start doing so!

I hope you do find time to check out the Dead Loop as I would welcome your thoughts most kindly.
I'll probably run the first part for free again soon to encourage more feedback.

It's interesting that you mention pace because I focused hard on the Dead Loop being fairly quick paced and easy to read. I am always turned off by books that I have to concentrate too hard to read or feel I am 'forcing' the reading. In my own writing, I believe the reader should find the book flows easily.

What is your normal pace / genre of book you read?

Thanks again for commenting.
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