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eTextbooks for Kindle *major help needed*

Hi guys, I'm new here, so be nice to me And I will return the favor.

I decided to go back to school for my master's degree this fall, and the first week just finished. Holy crap, longest week ever! Because of my decision to return to school and my working a full-time job, I wanted something easy and portable so I could do my homework or papers while I'm at work doing nothing. Kill two birds with one stone, I suppose.

So this led me to buying an Asus Transformer TF300 tablet. Love this little beast.

Amazon had a lot of my textbooks, which I went ahead and bought. Only to find out they will only be viewed on the PC or Kindle Fire, which angered me.

I stripped the DRM, converted them into a few formats (EPUB, MOBI, PDF). None of which I am happy with on the tablet. I want to be able to, if possible, view the textbook exactly the way I can see it on the PC. This means no broken charts, no paragraphs getting cut off and/or being in the wrong spot. And don't even get me started on the margins, it doesn't seem to know that I have a 10 inch screen.

So does anyone have any kind of advice how to make the Kindle conversion more streamless? Maybe a different mobile reader format for the tablet? Maybe tweaking settings (which I've also tried to do).

Any kind of help and/or advice will be much, much, much appreciated.

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