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Calibre not finding books on KT

Question: How do I get Calibre to repopulate books on the Kobo Touch?

1st. The Kobo still allows me to read all the books/pdfs within its on-board library.
2nd. Calibre still allows me to read/manage all the books/pdfs in its library on my computer.

So each device works on its own, in its own way. The problem arises when I try to use Calibre to manage the books on the KT (get them to work together.) Usually, I plug in the KT and Calibre takes less than 3 seconds to search for and find all the books on the KT drive. Now it takes almost 10 minutes and it only places a green checkmark next to 3 books/pdfs out of 200. This problem first occurred while using Calibre - I unplugged the KT without ejecting before hand. That's when the problems began.

I am using KT version 2.0.0 (R41166 7/12/12) and Calibre version 0.8.64.

I've tried the following:
Preferences/Plugins/Device Interface/Kobo/Attempt to support newer firmware
and when the KT is plugged in:
Device/Configure this device/Attempt to support newer firmware

I'm guessing the easiest way might be to format the KT and use Calibre to reinstall everything. But I really don't want to lose my wifi security settings, awards etc. on a device that is actually working. I'd hate to think the only option is the nuclear option. Can anyone help?
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