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Nook Color

Nook Color 8 GB (internal) Wifi
8GB SD Card (external)
Leather Cover
Square Trade Warranty with ADH through 4/14/2013

This Nook Color has been rooted and is currently running CM7/Gingerbread based Phiremod 7.2. ( I'll transfer the Square Trade warranty with the device.

IMPORTANT: The new owner will probably want to update it to a more recent root installation -or- set it back to factory settings (for the warranty). Please do not buy it if you are not comfortable with doing this. I am selling as is in terms of the OS (with assurances that the unit itself is otherwise fine). (Bummed this from Boston )

It does have a few dents which the cover hides. But I always try to be more upfront with the bad and ugly than the good. Take a look at the pics and know that it's only the top(not too bad) and bottom(ouch) coreners with dents. The cover does hides the scars.


Looking to $100.
Free shipping in the US
Paypal or Amazon Payments accepted.

Feel free to reply here or send a PM with questions, or if you want additional pictures.

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