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Let me add another wrench into the mess!! I am a Canadian who winters in Puerto Rico. Bought a NOOK down there. After returning home discovered that I was unable to setup an account due to not having a US based credit card and address. OK, there are always other options for obtaining books. Recently my nook went 'Bonkers' screen flashing and no response whatsoever. After contacting B&N they will deliver one to anywhere in the lower 48, but not to PR or to Canada, and only if I ship the defective model to them AT MY COST, which I may add, does not apply to US customers, to them shipping is free. If this is not REAL DISCRIMINATION then I have not experienced it yet. After a very heated conversation with their Customer Care (is that an oxymoron or what) they promised to compensate me for the shipping cost and would send out a $20.00 voucher by email. Well, that was two weeks ago and I have not seen that email yet.
So to say that I am disappointed in B&N is an understatement. The other unfortunate part is that I bought a nook for each member of the family. This was probably a poor decision.
I can not get over how they go out of their way to shoot themselves in the foot!!

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