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Originally Posted by Titano View Post
Yes! Here you go. Just don't delete Collections Manager, place it in a collection then hide it with collection manager. It won't hide without being in a collection.
Thanks too, Titano. Although I did not hide the CM, but rather put it in a Kindle Tools collection along with JBPatch. Still it is useful for me to access it via Launcher rather than scrolling to it in the main menu. Im no coder but I will look at how you made that extension and try to create one for adding JBPatch to Launcher as well. Hopefully wont break something

Edit :

I think that should do the start up for the JBPatch
	"items": [
		{"name": "JBPatch", "priority": 10, "action": "/usr/bin/lipc-set-prop", "params": "com.lab126.appmgrd start app://com.lab126.booklet.kindlet/mnt/us/documents/jbpatch.azw2"}
Is this okay for the actual Launcher menu option :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
		<menu type="json" dynamic="true">menu.json</menu>
I'm not sure of the "<id>collections</id>" but suppose can leave it as it is. Thanks and sorry to bother you all

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