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InDesign CS6 export to EPUB problems

Hi there
I'm helping a client who will need to prepare their books on InDesign CS6, the idea is to create a workflow that will require the least possible editing in the EPUB stage.

But what I'm seeing is that this version of InDesign creates some problems -

For example, there are some alert-boxes in the book that need to be shown with a blue background. In CS5 I created an object style for that text-frame, and InDesign spat out an empty style rule with that name and inserted the correct class reference in the HTML so I could format the boxes by editing the style rule. Each text box has a heading inside it that is styled with the a paragraph style (bluebox_head) and that just got exported as normal - a style was created with the correct formatting. So all looked fine.

In CS6, on export there is no rule created for the object style in CSS, and what's more, the paragraph styles used inside that text frame are duplicated - a style is created for each instance of that heading in the HTML document, named incrementally.

So I've got all these duplicate styles in the CSS document - "bluebox-head-1" and "bluebox-head-2" and so on and on, each with identical rules.

Now - it may be possible to fix this with a find and replace in EPUB stage but what a mess!

Am I doing something wrong?
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