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Device: Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light
I have a love-hate relationship with the Nook Glow Light. I do a lot of nighttime reading and love how the light works and appears. I bought my first Nook Glow Light mid June. It lasted 2 weeks. The hotspots appeared and I was able to exchange it in the store (after waiting for a call to say it was back in stock). The second one lasted just over 3 weeks. I was once again able to take it to the store and exchange it. The third one lasted just over a month; I had to call and have them send a new one, which arrived yesterday. They sent a certified pre-owned device. Already today there is a hot spot. It was sitting on my desk - the only possible thing that could have landed on it would have been a fly. We have two Simple Touches (without Glow Light) in the home that have been problem free. I hate how quickly the hot spots appear, but I do love the light. At this point, I just wish they could work out whatever the issue is that causes at least some of these Glow Lights to fail so easily. I do use a cover. My advice would be to buy the extended protection plan if you buy it. The man on the phone tonight basically told me they'll just keep sending replacements for the next 2 years. Great, but I hate that I lose my wish list each time.
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