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First Line Indent on iPhone Kindle, not Kindle Fire

I've used the Kindle Previewer to make a .mobi file for view on an actual Kindle Fire. It looks just right.

When I put the same .mobi file on an iPhone, the first line of each paragraph is indented - I don't want that.

The headings come out fine on iPhone. Just the paragraphs have the first-line indents.

Any thoughts? Here's my stylesheet minus the metadata up top:

h {font-family:"Bookman Old Style";margin-bottom: 0em; margin-top: .3em; page-break-before:never; }

h1.style1 {font-family:"Bookman Old Style";text-align:left;color:rgb(50, 158, 255);page-break-before:always;}
h2.style1 {font-family:"Bookman Old Style";text-align:left;color:rgb(50, 158, 255);page-break-before:always;}
h3.style1 {font-family:"Bookman Old Style";text-align:left;color:rgb(50, 158, 255);}
h3.sigilNotInTOC {font-family:"Bookman Old Style";text-align:left;color:rgb(50, 158, 255);}
hr.style1 {text-align:center;color:rgb(300, 300, 300)}
h4.style1 {font-family:"Bookman Old Style";text-align:center;page-break-before:always;}

p {margin-bottom: .6em; margin-top: .6em }
.style1 {
font-family:"Bookman Old Style"; text-align:left; height="120"; text-indent: 0em;}

.style2 {
font-family:"Bookman Old Style"; text-align:center; height="120"; text-indent: 0em;page-break-before:always;}

.style3 {
font-family:"Bookman Old Style"; text-align:left; height="120"; margin-left:2em; margin right:2em; font-style: italic;}
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