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Originally Posted by Namekuseijin View Post
Love GHD. Besides being spot on in everything it attempted, it's also a great example of a very economic and minimalist movie.

Anyway, who doesn't love misterious loop paradoxes? Your premise sounds intriguing enough, heads up.
I love Groundhog Day too. Always been a fan of Bill Murray, right back to "Ghostbusters" and "Stripes". You're right - paradoxes can be fun, although some of the time-travel loops and paradoxes in modern TV or sci fi can be hard to grasp the logic!

I'm glad you like the premise of my book because that was how the Dead Loop began, with a simple idea:.

"What would happen if a guy died every single day in a different way and immediately after his death "awakened / appeared" on a new day, maybe somewhere else, maybe halfway through the day?"

From this, I began to explore and develop ideas on what would he would do, what was happening to him, how it would affect his relationships and why.

The book is written first person from Ewan's perspective and I strived tirelessly to make it intriguing, exciting, emotive and above all easy to read, (all things I look for myself as a reader). The story might not be to everyones taste but it's taken me through a range of emotions reading and editing it. I now seem to know and see the characers as real people, although I had pictures of these "strangers" initially on my wall for many many months!

If there is a way to do it on Amazon I would give anyone who didnt engage with and enjoy the Dead Loop a full refund. I think that should be standard policy for authors! I'll probably release part 1 for free every 18 days or so, as Amazon allow this.

Thanks for commenting.
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