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Originally Posted by kennyc View Post
1. Nope can't do it, but that really doesn't matter.

2. Yep. Faith by John Love, any number of others.....50 shades..oh wait,no been there done that too.

In any case, most plots and stories have been done before. Just based on the description of this, it is as I said and does not really appeal to me for that reason. Certainly I could be wrong, or jaded, or ignorant, but ...
Hi kenny,

Faith by John Love is a science fiction novel about a seemingly invincible alien ship attacking future humans. At face value this does not sound at all original. Looking deeper, I can see from reviews that the author has tried to do something different with the genre which is always nice to see.

It does however prove my point exactly. The strap line is "debut novel of Space Opera and Military Science Fiction." I could easily say "seen it all before and got the T shirt," without making the effort to explore further.

I think we are all wrong to make assumptions that a book is not original and dismiss them so easily as being "just like something else," whilst only glancing at a brief synopsis.

I am sure if you have read "Faith" that you are correct in that it has original elements and I'm confident that the Dead Loop too is very unique.

Everyone should read what appeals to them I agree and Faith sounds quite interesting, so i might add that to my download list. Im not a Sci-Fi avid reader but I have explored the genre before.

I think personal preference is key. The many Mills and Boon readers are not interested in originality although I like to write and read things that are a little different and unpredictable.
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