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Originally Posted by willus View Post
Thanks for the example--that helps. I'd these use options:

-m .05 -as -ws .2 -col 1

-m .05 to clip the margins less, -as to autostraighten each page, -ws .2 will separate words more consistently for your file, and -col 1 since the source is not multicolumn. K2pdfopt still has a little trouble because the lines of text are slightly distorted (curved), but mostly the output looks very readable to me. If you want the output text larger or smaller, add -odpi XXX where XXX is larger or smaller than the default of 167, respectively.
Thanks for your quick and precise reply.

I have exactly typed: k2pdfopt *.djvu -m 0.05 -as- -ws 0.2 -col 1

And it says invalid entry. I have checked examples and I think I did it right but there must be sth wrong. Could you help?

Thanks again.
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