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Originally Posted by jocampo View Post

Please don't get a DXG to read PDFs or technical documents. It's too slow for that. Unless you don't need to move back and forth inside the same book, it's too painful for such task. Being there, done that. Your iPad is the best device for that.
But DX was not created especially for that purpose? Allowing students to read study material and take notes. I also read about a test with some universities assigning DX to all students. Anyway PDF reding will be not his first task, but having the possibility to do it will be useful and 6" will be not enough. Touch PDF reader has the same capabilities of DX? I always read DX was the only one that can decently deal with PDF.

I know DX is a step back in terms of hw and sw respect touch, but since I haven't the possibility to test it I can't make an idea about how much can be slow.

About newspapers I have concluded that using Amazon subscription will be not a problem on 6" since they are almost only text. But this again pull PDF reading in the equation: some of them are also available as PDF and will be nice to have the full newspaper (not only a selection of articles without graphics and pictures) available for reading (after some work with Calibre I think).

About speed: I read DX has a 500mhz kindle 3 processor and 128MB dedicated RAM, touch a 800mhz with more RAM. Rendering PDF will be sure faster in touch, there are anyway the problem of small size and the question about PDF reader capabilities.
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