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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
That is NOT normal behavior. It could happen if the fastboot portion of your u-boot bist partition on mmc is damaged, or if your fastboot utility is damaged. Perhaps fastboot does not return an error status when if fails while writing to the bootmode var (similar to the false success report when flashing mmcblk0p1 with fastboot).

I do not know what else might cause that abnormal fastboot behavior.
Hmm....seems I've encountered a difficult situation.

The mfgtool is working perfect. I can get into fastboot mode and using the tool.
Sometimes the mass storage device can be detected, but showing no media in device manage (drive letter assigned though), so no chance to put file directly into the kindle.
The fastboot utility return no error for setvar bootmode, I tried to get into diags via mfgtool, but nothing positive.

It seems the better solution for me is sent it back to amazon...... T_T
I'll do it if no luck land on it after two days......thanks everyone...

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