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not sure if I've seen it mentioned here before, but recently I've been reading about using cronmod (

obviously our 2.2 edge machines don't have init.d, but something like script manager or autostart root should do the same function.

when I have some free time I'll mess around with the 40int2ext script (INT2EXT+ - it's the recommended one apparently - - link goes to CWM-type recovery installer .zip, actual necessary single script file is in system/etc/init.d/ of the zip)

at first glance it looks like the script isn't doing anything really beyond the abilities of the edge (well aside from ext4 support I imagine) so it will almost work as-is - other than the missing zipalign binary, which is easy enough to get (e.g. but still needs manual cli install.

if something interesting happens I'll mention about it...

(there's also still the problem of the "missing/damaged" sd card error - fix is easy and could simply be added to the script, although the error would still show up, not to mention sleep/resume or add/remove card could be problematic...)
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