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I've been using a Sony PRS-505 for reading mangas since 2007.
I always convert the whole manga into an lrf-file which then works fine with the 505.

But for some mangas the screen is too small to read the text in the bubbles.
Therefore I'm looking for an alternative with a larger screen.

My current favorites are

- Sony PRS-950
- PocketBook 902 or 912
- Amazon Kindle DX Graphite
- Asus DR900

I'm not looking for a device w/ LCD display. The device must have an e-ink display w/ a size of at least 7'' & the new pearl type display. A color display and touch navigation are no requirements.
Unfortunately I'm not sure If there's a conversion tool available (or more tools) which I can use for those devices.

- Sony PRS-950 (does it still supports lrf files?)
- PocketBook 902 or 912 (best file format?)
- Amazon Kindle DX Graphite (Mangle?)
- Asus DR900 (not sure where to buy? already successor available)

Thanks for your help.


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