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Originally Posted by JSWolf View Post
Why not generate the ePub from InDesign instead of using Calibre to convert to Mobi file?

Also, you could actually delete the ToC you are wanting to modify as there should be the NCX ToC that uses the link to the ToC from ADE.
InDesign 5.5 gives me only two options for placing footnotes: at the end of the paragraph the footnote is in, or at the end of the chapter. Both of these really mess up the flow of the document's narrative.

I wanted the footnotes at the very end of the EPUB document, like the Kindle format has them. The Calibre converter gives me both the chapter breaks and the endnotes. InDesign gives me a choice of one or the other.

The current format issue is very minor. I don't have the code knowledge to "tweak" a page break into the document between the TOC and "Chapter One."

I'm hoping somebody either comes up with a robust plugin for InDesign that gives me as many options as the Kindle plugin does, or that Adobe eventually brings the program itself up to speed. As I understand it, version 6 isn't much of an improvement in this specific area.
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