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Originally Posted by Doitsu View Post
If all of the TOC links are working and you didn't forget to add a TOC guide item (Add Semantics > Table of Contents) to the .opf file you shouldn't have any problems with Amazon as long as your book passes epubcheck and you use KindleGen to compile it.
In the manifest section, I see this:
<item href="toc.ncx" id="ncx" media-type="application/x-dtbncx+xml" />
and below the manifest section, there's:

<spine toc="ncx">
P.S. Currently the file passes epubcheck!

My client wants the TOC to appear in pieces within the document. It's a recipe book, so she doesn't want the 80 recipes taking up so much space at the top of the document. Can I toggle off the "usual" TOC that way, so that my custom links (described above) will be the only TOC-like feature that would appear in the book?

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