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Just for curiosity. Is anyone still trying to perform this type of mod? I tried and got the Link2SD working, but I still do not have any recognition of my Vfat partition in either the Edge storage devices or in Link2SD, even though the 2nd partition (Ext3) is recognized.

Link2SD storage info says:

Internal (93%) free, /data Total: 2.32 gb, Used: 159mb Free: 2.17gb,
SD Card removed,
SD Card 2nd Part. (91%) free, /data/sdext2 Total: 7.48gb, Used 640mb, Free: 6.84gb,
System: 44% free
Cache: 99% free

Edge device storage:

Data Storage device: SD card
Application Storage: Total space 2.32gb, Available space 2.17gb
SD card: Total Space Unavailable Available space Unavailable...

I am able to create links to the Ext3 partition and the files are moving there, but I cannot find my books, etc on the device storage or the library.

Any thoughts on getting the Edge to recognize the Vfat partition? Short of repartioning and re-formatting.
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