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Mobi to EPUB: TOC format issue

I am using Calibre to convert Mobi files to EPUB files. The Mobi files were generated by Adobe InDesign 5.5 with the Kindle conversion plugin. The Mobi file has endnotes and a working (linkable) table of contents.

The results are very good. The endnotes are at the end of the EPUB document (InDesign's EPUB converter can't do this if you have chapter breaks) and link back and forth nicely. The table of contents (in blue) also links back and forth properly.

My only complaint, and I admit it's a minor one, is that the table of contents is right above the first chapter, without the break that I see between other chapters. In short, "Chapter One" starts just below the last entry on the table of contents on the page.

I wouldn't mind a "new page" break at this point if it can be done without a lot of code work I don't know anything about. Suggestions? Or is this minor format glitch a non-issue for something I'm going to publish on Nook?
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