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[Android App] Calibre Companion as 'branch library'

I was very pleased to see someone making such an app and rushed over and bought it. Now for my three buck investment I will try to influence its features to be exactly what I personally want

I would like to put in a vote for being able to initiate downloads and do some other simple functions from the Android device. I have Calibre on a home server and view it as my repository for all my e-books. It has about 10,000 books which is more than I will ever read, but so does the main library in my town and in both cases I like that the variety is there to access when I want to. I put all books in there as I get them, acquire or fix metadata, back them up, convert them, etc. Because of the number of books and because all books come into there, I need and appreciate its rich UI and array of features. What I don't do is actually read the books on that computer's screen, I read the books on my mobile (Kindle and Android tablet) devices.

The mobile Android device I would like to work like a branch library. It would only have a subset of books (maybe < 20) actually on it at any one time. I would like to be able to see a catalog of local books (that I am currently reading or brought local in anticipation of a trip or something) or to see the full catalog on the server. In either case I would like at least the important metadata and covers. I would like it to take advantage of the tablet screen size rather than be limited by what a phone could show. The full catalog I would like to not have a restriction on how many matches are found for a search, just a paging mechanism (e.g. Next 50 Matches button) to limit how many are downloaded at once. I would like to easily move (copy actually) a book or books from the server to the local device after automatic conversion if necessary. All this done from the Android UI, no need to access the 'main library' server UI. I would like to be able to remove books from the local device, with a special easy one-click variation of that which removes the book locally and marks it 'read' on the server.

Have I used up my three bucks worth of influence yet?
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