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Originally Posted by Crowl View Post
I have seen a few people wonder why sony haven't got an app on other hardware and the answer is pretty obvious, they are in the hardware business and what little interest they have in their bookstore is in how it helps hardware sales, in countries outside north america they didn't even bother with their own store and are just partnered up with local retailers e.g. waterstones in the uk.
That may be true and it may also explain why both Amazon and B&N seem (to me) to be sluggish about updating their Android software. While I admit they regularly fix obvious problems, they don't seem to even try to address others or make significant upgrades.

It seems pretty obvious that the more people who use and prefer, say, the Kindle app on their Android device, the better the odds that they will buy books in that same format in the future.

For Amazon and B&N at least I think what they are (or shouild be) banking on is customer loyalty to the service. Thus there should be real competition to have the better free app. Don' t know why this doesn't seem to be the case.

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