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Problem: Sigil Auto-adding Attributes to <p>'s

I accidentally added a class to a <p> (e.g. <p class="xyz">) tag instead of inserting <span class="xyz"> after the <p>. I have a pretty large document in which all instances of this were replaced as such.

This seems easy enough to fix with Sigil's find and replace function and it actually does work very well. After replacing all instances of <p class="xyz"> with <span class="xyz">, it even adds a closing </span> right before the </p> for the line which is excellent.

The problem is that, for some reason, Sigil also decides to add <span class="xyz"> to every instance of <p> when I only asked it to replace <p class="xyz">.

It is cool that it closes the tags for me as doing that manually would take forever considering the epub file I am editing has a lot of these instances in them, but is there any way to stop it from adding things onto every <p> when all it needs to do is close the <span class="xyz">?

I guess if that isn't possible, is there a way to prevent Sigil from automatically "correcting" and closing tags? After which, I would just manually add each closing </span>.

Any help on this matter would be great!
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