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three follow-up questions

Thank you so much, theducks, for the detailed advice.

Three really simple things are still going over my head.
  1. I've used CSS for websites before, but I'm new to creating ePubs. So could you please tell me how I should access and modify my ePub's CSS? Do I access it using Sigil or do I access it in Calibre? And what steps must I take to view/edit the CSS?
  2. My book also features ordered (numbered) lists in addition to bulleted lists. How can I impose the same formatting you've provided for my bulleted lists onto my ordered lists?
  3. Will the CSS modifications you've made work with bulleted or ordered lists I've created in Sigil, in which I've highlighted the lines I want bulleted and clicked the Bullets or Numbering icons from the second row in Sigil's menu? Or is there some other way I must designate that a given selection of text is to be bulleted or ordered?

I'm deeply grateful for the time you've taken to help me.
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