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I tell you my expericience.... (sorry if my english is not the best)

Hi I bought my M92 in because i only have read positive impresions from the store and I saw that Booxtor it's a very active member of the comunity. I have my M92 black since last friday (I'm from Spain, no problem with delivery). My M92 it's a very good machine but it has a very big problem with the boot process (blue light with no scream or no inferior bar appears when swich on from the first time, not always, but a lot of times). Two days ago i updated the firmaware to 1.7 and the problem persists (if i reset the machine finaly M92 restars, but i don't want to reset the machine every time that i want to use it). Yesterday, at night, I wrote a mail to the store. I explained the situation and I think there will be no problem to change my M92 for another one (obviusly it's in waranty).

I'm very confident because i read some good opinions about the service of the store (see the opinion of Etoja). I will inform about the process of my incidence (i have no information yet) but i'm sure there will be no problem. My advice: first and foremost buy your M92 in a sotre that can help you in case that you have a problem with the device, we are not talking about a cheap device.... For me, ereader-store always was the first choice and now that i have a problem I'm sure that my choice was the best.

I will post the response of e-reader store to inform another users that want to buy M92 and don't know where to buy it.

Thanks for the forum
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