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Kindle Touch unbriking troubles

Hello, im new in the forum. Im from Colombia and i bought recently a Kindle Touch. Trying to install the Doukan's firmware, my Kindle dont pass from the tree wallpaper.

I follow all the steps in this guide:

And i dont know what im doing wrong, because i cant unbrick my Kindle.

Firstable, i downloaded the diags Kernel and the diags partition with built-in SSH like the tutorial says (both to 5.0.0). Because, i cant download the main 5.0.0 firmware, i decided to download the main kernel and firmware for 5.1.2.

I used fastboot to flash the diags kernel and partition, after boot in diags. Because i can use SSH i do the next to put the main partition to 5.1.2 using
putty: dd if=/mnt/us/mmcblk0p1.img of=/dev/mmcblk0p1 bs=4K

Next i think that i should install the main kernel to for 5.1.2 version and im using this command: dd if=/mnt/us/mmcblk0.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=4K
(i put and rename both archives in the Kindle Storage). After i use this commands to avoid troubles: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk0p3 bs=4K count=1K

rm /mnt/us/ENABLE_DIAGS (with this command the result are that the file dont exist)

idme -d --bootmode main

After reboot , the Kindle dont pass from the diags screen and freeze. To solve that i should use fastboot and reinstall the diags kernel to can use the diags dialog and can reboot the system. But when i reboot the kindle comes to diags.

I try different combinations of the 4 files (main kernel and partition , and diags kernel and partition), but the result is the same or the diags screen freeze or come to the tree screen and after to the diags screen.

I dont know what exactly i do wrong. Please give me some help to unbrick my Kindle.

PS: Sorry for my english.
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