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Issues sideloading books.

Hi guys! Long-time lurker, first-time poster, and I'm hoping somebody can help me out with my KT.

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
KT: Firmware ver. 2.0
Desktop App: Edition 3.0.1

I recently got an Amazon gift voucher, so I bought a bunch of ebooks from their store. After stripping the DRM and converting the books from .mobi to .epub, I tried to side load them onto my KT. (I'm still trying with the first one - let's get over this small hurdle before we tackle them in bulk.) The method that I'm using is: Finding the .epub file in my Calibre folder through Windows Explorer and then dragging and dropping it onto the Kobo desktop application.

The side loaded book goes to my Kobo Desktop application without any issues, but when I attemt to synchorinse my KT with the Desktop app via USB, the KT just doesn't receive the Amazon book. When I attempt to delete the book from Kobo Desktop, it crashes and aborts the program entirely, and the book remains when I load it again.

I'm really hoping that this is me just overlooking something very obvious.
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