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Indenting Paragraphs in Calibre Messes up Bullets

I just built converted a book to ePub in Sigil and used Calibre to provide some final formatting, following the method described here:

It all works great except for one thing. Chapman recommends setting "Indent Size" under the "Look and Feel" menu at 1.5.

This gives me nicely indented paragraphs through the document. Unfortunately, my document contains several enumerated or bulleted lists. And creating an Indent Size of 1.5 has the effect of indenting the first line of text of each bullet as if it's a paragraph, which means the first line of text in each bullet isn't flush with any lines that of text that follow.

I'm guessing I'm going to need to define an alternate CSS style just for bullets, which won't inherit the body text's indentation. I could really use some help here getting:
  • the CSS code that will be needed for my bullet style
  • advice on where and how to insert this CSS code into my ePub through either Calibre or Sigil

I'm new to ePubs and not yet terribly competent with CSS. If anyone can offer help I'd be incredibly grateful.
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