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Originally Posted by dwanthny View Post
Was this the 1st image in your ODT? If so you may have the Remove first image box checked under Preferences - Common Options - Structure Detection.
I've tried it as the first, second, third, etc. but this jpg is always the image that fails.

Originally Posted by dwanthny View Post
Another option open the jpg in a image program such as Paint Shop Pro or and save it as a png and use that file instead and see what happens. I believe there was a, for lack of a less ignorant word, rogue spec jpg at one point that just does not play well with some programs.
This is what I'm going to do next once I get home. I'm on the road with a new MacBook Pro and don't have all of my usual tools with me. I too now suspect that there's something just off about the format of this JPG file even though I've done my best to launder it through iPhoto, etc. on this machine.

One other strange factoid - if I make this the only image in the doc and do NOT include a separate cover page the image is grabbed and used as the cover but doesn't appear in the text body. If I do include a separate cover the image doesn't appear at all.

For what it's worth I sent the complete .odt to Kovid via an official bug report and he was able to successfully process it into an ePub. Very odd - obviously something's different somewhere!!!

I'll report back once I've had a chance to re-work the JPG with PSP ...

Thanks to both of you that responded and to Kovid for checking out the bug!
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