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Hello and good morning everybody.

One more fan uses now this fantastic work from Morkl and this community. Thanks so far !!!

Since yesterday most things work in my new surface, how they should work. Most, but not all. There are a few questions I didn't get answered, even when I read the whole thread !

The point I didn't get to run, is to integrate applications which are not defined already in the homemod.xml-File or in the sample-files here around.

For that apps I picked up the <componentName package ..> from the extracted manifest-files of the apk-files, e.g. <componentName package="" for the Total Cmd.
For the class I used class=" " where last part "Totalcmd" is the name I used in <item>app_totalcmd</item>. But it didn't work.

Are there any samples from your homemod-files, where you figured that out already or are there any hints, I did not consider in my definitions.

Maybe it would be a good idea to have a sample-file with all your homemod-definitions, so everybody can use that in the the future very quickly.

Another wish I though about is, to have a shortcut-/ buttom for the WIFI-Switch on my surface (similar to the phone), so I don't have to use the tiny standard-notification-line every time. But for that I have no idea how to realize that. Do you have any ideas ?

Thanks in advance


... in the last days, I solved the problem and questions I asked for above by myself, so don't spent any time & work with that.


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