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Originally Posted by chaley View Post
See FAQ entry #13 (new entry).

Bottom line: Kindle for Android does not publish that it can open .mobi files (or any other kind of file), so Calibre Companion does not know that it exists, and it is unable pass books to it. Your choices are to use a different reader app to read mobi files (there are several) or to change CC's storage folder to the Kindle folder. If you take the latter route then you will need to open Kindle for Android yourself. K4A will automatically import any books it finds.

We recognize that storing all your books in the kindle folder is not optimal. This is one reason that we will be implementing book "format" routing, a feature that will let you select a different storage folder per book type. The feature will help when someone uses multiple reader apps.
Ah, that makes sense. I switched to FBreader and that works fine with .mobi files.

I also have a suggestion. Your app is the only one I've ever found to allow the sorting of books by series. What would be nice is if, when in that sorting mode, the app would just list the series, rather than still displaying each individual book. Then when you click on the series name, it shows you the books in that series.

Think of it like the album view on an MP3 player, where you scroll through the list of albums and only when you click on one do you see individual songs.
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