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I just finished my semester exams of my engineering degree two weeks ago (still two more sems to go). And i had already started using my computer to read books and to browse almost 17 hours a day.

As i was going through my ebook collection (mostly comprising of PDF books), i had to take short breaks in between reading hours though, mainly to avoid sour eyes. Also this process provoked a thought in my mind about researching more about mobile forms of reading ebooks. I knew about e-ink technology before, also had seen Sony reader, Kindle over the internet. But had never given a serious thoughts about getting atleast a petty ebook reader, mainly because of my misconception that no mobile readers are feasible for me.

But this time, as i had searched for ebook reading devices similar to Sony eareader, Kindle i started bumping pages which showed me devices other thank actual e-ink devices.

I found several webpages showing me PDAs, Palmtops and even portable gaming devices such as Sony PSPs being used as mobile readers.

And the important thing was, whenever i found a device like PDA being used as reader, i googled particularly for that device along with some extra tags. For example, "PDA as ebook reader or iPaq as ebook device"...

And i started bumping mobilereader forum again and again. At first, even though i went through the pages which showed me details of the devices, i wasn't quite impressed by the first looks.

As i continued my search for mobile readers, the frequency of bumping MR increased a lot, and that was the time when the goodness of MR really hit me (positively). And since then, i have started seriously going through different sections of the forum, haven't finished yet.....

This is how i found MR......

About my favorite device:

I don't own many gadgets at the moment, however i have owned four computers till today. I don't think it can be considered as a gadget, however as i use one of my computers very much i will just mention the specifications of my computer...

It's an Intel Core 2 duo - e2160 processor (overclocked to 3.8GHz) based computer with 2GB of G'skill 800MHz RAM.

Apart from this, among the gadgets i currently own, my favorite is my MP3 player Philips GoGear SA1335 which has a gigabyte of memory and gives very good quality sound output coupled with a Creative ep630 headphone...

Well, i hope i haven't bored you friends. That's all for now.
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