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Using Calibre Companion with Mantano Lite and MoonReader+

Originally Posted by chaley View Post
Did you tell Mantano to scan to folder, or did it do so because you opened a book located in the folder?

We won't be at all surprised if someone prefers the interface of a reader app over Calibre Companion's. It might be what the person is used to, it could be color schemes, or even something like a "wooden bookshelf" graphical view.
In both Mantano and MoonReader+, I used their built in "import" functionality. MoonReader+ offers better importing than Mantano: you can point it to a single folder to scan and import books and it won't import books twice. Mantano by default scans the entire device and presents a list of "eligible" files, from which you have to check the ones you want to import and it will import titles twice. In both readers, all the Calibre metadata, including tags, series, and description is included in the 'book details'.

Most importantly, both readers leave the actual files where they are on your device (e.g., in the folder Companion_Calibre), so you can keep all your book files (thank you Calibre Companion) in one place. Both Mantano and MoonReader include the book path as part of the book details.

I did notice that while Calibre Companion appears to launch MantanoLite when you select it in the "Choose Reader" dialog, MoonReader+ seems to open within Calibre Companion, rather than as a separate running app.

I have been tearing my hair out trying to get a bunch of books onto my device and into my reader, with metadata, without doing them one at a time with a thousand taps. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love the app!!
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