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Image Lost During ODT > ePub Conversion

I'm trying to debug a really annoying problem that happens consistently during my current ePub generation effort. I'm using OpenOffice 3.4.0 under OS X 10.7.4 and the latest calibre (0.8.64).

I create the document in Open Office and save it in .odt format
I open calibre, add the .odt to my library, and convert to ePub
I sync the result over to my iPad 2 running 5.1.1

The cover page works fine, the TOC works fine, the text all works fine, and the 'regular' photos inserted into the .odt as .jpg images are all OK - the problem is one diagram, also in .jpg format, that simply refuses to make the translation into the ePub file. These results are consistent whether I'm checking the file with the calibre viewer on the Mac or in iBooks on the iPad.

This diagram is inserted from the same directory as the photos, so it doesn't seem like some kind of path problem but who knows. It appears to healthy and happy when you view the .odt in OpenOffice.

The photos are quite large and the problematic graphic relatively quite small both in terms of pixel dimensions and file size. I can add a test photo (or photos) in the exact same place in the document with no problems.

Any ideas what might be different about this particular .jpg that might make it fail to convert?

Thanks in advance for any ideas ... or solutions!
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