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Hi everyone. I've not been ereading for quite a while now... that is until I've installed eReader for iPhone. I'm impressed not only because I can access both and collections but also because I've always liked how the iPhone renders text.

I can't seem to download from eReader but had no problems at Fictionwise. (Incidentally, there are a lot of free multiformat classics at Fictionwise which I also got).

Oh, it takes a while to get used to "flicking" pages ... and my fingers kept on subconsciously looking for a scrollwheel (I didn't realize the Clie had such a lasting impression).

Anyway, I've got a couple of books downloaded and careful about downloading too much (this is after all, on an iPhone Classic (4GB), unlocked, pwnaged).

Lastly, I found a Kindle and iPhone comparison shot at Flickr, if you'd like to see.
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