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PDFs (I also made an A4, as I felt stuff such as "optical margins" don't make much difference), have been ready since very early Sunday, but my graphic card died in the meantime. I bundled them with the ConTeXt source file, so this may give you a rough idea of the kind of work involved to do it by hand. There are differences with your version though: I don't do cover page, drop caps. Provide me a return address at whatever point ebooks arobase orange point fr (this box too will go soon, see below), I'll send it to you.

Interesting experience, though, (and the end of "whatever", I deleted the repository as soon as me computer went back to work). I do have a few stumbling blocks, the biggest one being: what if Open Office feeds me some HTML I cannot make sense of. Which is what happened. Somewhere in your text, what should read <p>* *<br>*</p> is rendered <p></span>* *<br></p>. Not unlawful, may be. But I cannot that easily drop an unopened closing tag, without being sure it's not actually hidding something else, if not even a bug. Open Office HTML is admittedly not so good, but usually follows some logic: this one has no obvious reason, it's the first time I ever see such a thing, and there was now way I could get rid of it (even delete an redo the par in OO would lead to the same result. I ended up deleting the unfortunate para.

Next stumbling block is font families. It's not always that easy to gather all faces in a family together: there I had to make choices, either go OO way, which ends sometimes with such as two families with two faces each instead a single one of four faces. As I was more concerned with correct HTML giving correct results, I decided than when you what to do bold, <B> should work instead of having to do <FONT FACE="... Bold">. The consequence is that font families I see them do not, in some case, have the same name Open Office, though being perfectly correct in its own ways, decides they have, which
neither mean the fonts themselves are wrong. I ran into that as I had to use a substitute family for Times New Roman, since I don't have that one. I had to modify the fonts, I already had to convert to TTF to use with OO, as a work around.

So given, I also ran into one or two "whatever" bugs-the kind that can be fixed on the spot-well, "whatever" is gone. I've given up trying to convince than OO->TeX can be done, and that the way I settled trying to do it works.
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