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21st Century Warrior
RobertCook began at the beginning.
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21st Century Warrior

21st Century Warrior is FREE today! Take a look at it and then Please add a review. Thank you for your support and I hope it keeps you riveted to your seat!

21st Century Warrior is the first in the series. It reveals current military technology, weapons and strategies. 21st Century Warrior will keep you riveted, in the same manner as Dale Brown's Flight Of The Old Dog, Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising and Harold Coyle's Team Yankee.

In 21st Century Warrior, China stands ready to take its place at the top of the Super Power club by dominating countries throughout Asia, the Middle East and into Europe and South America. China’s ultimate goal of forcing the United States to stand aside is made clear when American’s wake up one morning to find China swarming through the western United States.

Caught behind enemy lines in Idaho, Special Forces Major Glenn Jordan must use all his training and ability to keep a small group of citizen’s who are hiding out in the mountains alive and put the enemy on the defense. To meet this threat, President Steele authorizes the military to equip Glenn with the super-secret anti-air laser cannon, rail gun and the new Land Warrior infantry battle armor. These force multipliers, along with his Special Forces team, are all Glenn needs to beat the forces that have taken over a third of the United States.

After surviving a fierce battle at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Senior Airman Barbara Rising must learn to face her fears to become Major Jordan’s lieutenant and in so doing, learns about love, compassion and camaraderie.

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