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Amazon Kindle Touch or Sony PRS-T1?

Hi all, long-time lurker and first-time poster here. I'm having some trouble choosing between the Amazon Kindle Touch and the Sony PRS-T1. I understand that new models of both designs will be released soon, but both of these already do what I need and the rumors surrounding the new designs don't appeal to me.

That being said, these are the reasons that I have both for and against both readers. I am on a complete 50-50 tie between the two, so it's down to you guys, if you'll give me a hand!

Amazon Kindle Touch: I like Whispersync. I already use Whispersync so that I can read between my iPad and my smart phone without having to find the page again, and I love that I'm able to download any book whenever from the Amazon cloud. I'm a long-time Amazon customer and though I know that I can reconvert and strip books purchased from Amazon, I a. am not sure of the legality of DRM-removal in my country (Australia) and b. really enjoy the ease of d/ling straight from Amazon to a device without bothering with that.

Sony PRS-T1: I love the look and feel of this device. I've played with a demo model of the Sony and a friend's KT, and I prefer the demo options for margins, fonts and spacing on the T1 far more than the spacing, font and margins on the KT. I prefer the black bezel (even though it shines a lot under store lights), I prefer the row of buttons along the bottom, and I prefer how small and compact the device is compared to the KT. I prefer the menu displays and the way that it shows the book cover.

It seems to me that, logically, I should be getting the KT because it does what I need and it does it well, however I'm concerned that if I get the KT, I will constantly be thinking of how much I would prefer to hold and read a T1 instead. Has anybody ever had a situation like this, and did you regret going for the more functional (KT) over the more aesthetic (T1)?
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