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Posting on a (not so) sunny saturday afternoon before I forget about it.

If you're interested, you can send me (use the address given at the end of the doc - I'll AR you when received) as zip or tarball, both the .odt and "saved as HTML" version (as it might version from one OO an another) of some part of one of your books (with PNGs or JPGs if any, no fonts. If I can do any better, I'll use different ones).

I'll run that through the latest uploaded "whatever", on Windows and then send you back the PDF, together with the odt, if there was anything I had to modify to get it to work. You could then get a (rough, because I still have to work on tuning, especially for microtypography) idea of how it differs from a Prince output. May be we might even discover there are things that Prince does better.
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